Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Omnicratic Party Initiative?

The Omnicratic Party Initiative encourages the formation of independent but aligned Omnicratic Parties on the local and national levels, around the world. The Initiative promotes and supports synchronized actions and activism in matters that affect people locally and/or worldwide.

The Omnicratic Party Initiative seeks to revive the true nature of “politics”, whereby local communities once again take greater responsibility in return for more authoritative self-governance.

The Omnicratic Party Initiative promotes and supports initiatives that foster peaceful coexistence and, thus, greater understanding between different cultures.

Is the Omnicratic Party Initiative a Religious Initiative?


Where is the Omnicratic Party Initiative Positioned in the Political Spectrum?

We do not refer to ourselves as a political movement that is “left”, “right” or “center”. We are positioned all across the political spectrum since there are valuable opinions and efforts to be found in most political blocks. Even when we do not fully agree with them.

Why Did You Create the Omnicratic Party Initiative?

We are convinced that synchronized activism and governance are the mechanisms that can and will enable us, as a society, to adopt a much more valuable and sustainable way of living.

If all previous, including historic, protests and political initiatives have taught us anything at all then for sure it is that issues that affect us all, anywhere in the world, require responses and solutions of which all of us are a part.

We are not the only ones who hold this specific view. Take for instance Micah White, co-founder of Occupy Wall Street, who wrote about it in his book “The End of Protest”. Also the work of Aldo Capitini (December, 23 1899 – October 19, 1968), a philosopher, activist and teacher from Italy who strongly opposed the fascist movement of Mussolini, already suggested in his lifetime that through omnicracy our society would eventually evolve in this direction.

What is Omnicracy?

Equal Power of All, Over All that Concerns the Fundamental Interests of All.

“Omnicracy” is a form of government that is very similar to “democracy”. However, omnicracy enables citizens and communities to adopt alternative policies and laws than those that are imposed by a “democratic” government.

In a democracy, today, the majority rules over also the minorities with the latter increasingly having less and less tools and mechanisms available to peacefully and efficiently reject imposed policies and laws.

This is especially, but not exclusively, true when it concerns a nation or a region its (en)forced membership in a supranational entity such as NATO, the EU and the UN. An already very big portion of, more and more, countries their populations are rejecting such memberships for their countries but their “democratic” governments render these groups of people incapable to collectively exit such participations.

Through the mechanisms that the omnicratic governance model provides populations can protect themselves much better against all forms of oppression and undemocratic governance.