Gap Between People and Governments Proves that Most Politicians Have Nothing to Do with Politics

By Koen Jacobs for the Omnist Party Initiative

The Omnicratic Party Initiative was Specifically Created to Close the Gap Between the Public and Governments

When people speak of “politics” most seemingly think of career politicians who’d do anything to retain their position in the power structure. Including selling their soul to the highest bidder. Sadly that is the current reality of politics but fortunately that does not have to be the future of it.

Almost everywhere you look around the world today you will find populations that have had enough of their government being almost entirely detached from the daily lives that everyday people live.

When people say no to war their government ignores the public outcry and sends money, weapons and troops to places halfway around the world, allegedly to overthrow a dictatorship, to assist in “humanitarian” interventions or to help spread “democracy”.

When people say that life is already too expensive and taxes are already too high their government ignores their grievances and lets the public suffer even more with yet another tax hike.

How come these contradictions are so very real? Because most politicians have, in fact, nothing to do with “politics”.

When we look at what “politics” means then we can easily learn that it is a term that we should use for people wanting to improve their community, be it locally, nationally or beyond. We should not use this term for those wanting to feed off of people’s misery and just wanting to secure their next public paycheck.

Politics should not be perceived as something that we witness only through newspapers and TV screens, where we follow what others are allegedly doing in our name.

Politics is what we ourselves should be involved in on a daily basis, by attending public gatherings that are aimed at advancing, first of all, our local communities towards more prosperity and real sustainability.

When people really want to see the gap between them and their government closed then no one should be waiting for others to try and fix the problem. It is precisely that kind of mindset, to always wait for others to fix things, that has brought us to where we are today with our society.

Closing the gap is much easier than most people think it is. You see, we have to learn, individually and collectively, to really dare think and operate outside the box. As long as populations play by the same rules that don’t result in the changes that they seek everyone just stays a permanent hostage in the gridlock.

Thinking outside the box is exactly what has brought about the Omnicratic Party Initiative. It is exactly because we dare to think and operate outside the imposed rules of the political game that we are able to begin materializing a new way of approaching both local and global challenges.